In 2009, MGH Geotechnical has been in operation as MGH Construction’s sub-unit. In the first begining MGH Geotechnical undertook infrastructure and soil improvement works of the MGH Construction undertaken projects as a main contractor.

Trust & Dignity

MGH Geotechnical has a permanent staff of civil engineers, geophysicist, geologists, project managers, job security engineers and worksite supervisors.

Our staff is diversified in all aspects of a widely applied, essential discipline. MGH Geotechnical uses the latest academic and practical advances. In the meantime we are working with one of the leading university's research institute for the joint research and activities.

As well known, the high cost of land became a big problem especially in developing countries like Turkey. Business centers and parking space forced to perform excavation up to 100 and even more feet into ground for creating free space underlying the super structures. 

In-situ soil improvement techniques have been intensively studied and successfully applied in last two decade.

Mostly used types of in-situ soil improvements are; 

  • Jetgrouting
  • Micro piles
  • Bored piles applications
  • Vibro applications
  • Injection

According to the construction method and production materials used during construction, piles can be classified as;

  • Cast-in-place concrete piles (Bored piles)
  • Vibrex piles
  • Precast piles

According to their function and bearing capacities, piles can be classified as;

  • Friction piles
  • End-bearing piles
  • Friction + End-bearing piles