The environmental factors have more importance than ever in each investment decision taken today and this importance will increase more in the future.

Trust & Dignity

MGH Group has integrated all activities she performed in the area of environment from 1998 to today under the roof of MGH Environment Technologies in 2014 to provide more comprehensive support to the institutions and organizations in the public and private sector.

Clean air, water and soil are very strong economic values and direct the investments.

Accordingly, the studies such as;

  • The research
  • Consultancy and
  • Applying the suitable technologies and solution partners by selecting them, to be made determines the value and usable life of the investments.

MGH Environment Technologies has the target of meeting the requirements of the customers in an innovative and comprehensive way by performing strong regional cooperation and information and technology transfer with a lot of international company with her experienced and expert staff.

MGH Environment Technologies has the activities of construction, designing, turnkey delivery or build-operate-transfer constructions and operation in the related fields.


Environmental consultancy

Waste reduction & recovery projects

Master plan and feasibility studies for water & wastewater management

Master plan and feasibility studies for waste management

Designing, constructing and operating water & wastewater treatment plants

Designing, constructing and operating municipal & industrial landfills

Design and application of ultraviolet disinfection systems for water, wastewater, air and surface