MGH Group, established in Istanbul with branches in Ankara, Bodrum and Baku, specializes in heavy industrial and residential construction projects, engineering services, innovative technologies that improve life, and international trade.

Trust & Dignity

Its regularly and continuously evolving vision, dedicated management, dynamic innovation philosophy, creative thinking and awareness to details, combined with its committed, affiliated and valued employees has allowed MGH to deliver on quality, and has made the Group an internationally renown and competitive player in global markets. 

M. Gokhan Havuzlu, founder of MGH Group, has focused primarily in the construction business, specifically adhering to environmental concerns and the preservation of the natural habitat in which the Group conducts its operations ever since his engineering studies at university. This personal affection and respect to the beauties of nature has been deeply inscribed in the corporate values of MGH Group, and has been the source of inspiration to all the efforts the Group has been involved with, including ecological efficiency, sustainability and balance in customer, shareholder and collaborator relations, preparation of new joint ventures, effective use of resources, and the immaculate quality of long-term prosperity and complacency. 

We aim to leave our mark by channeling our distinctiveness, coupled with our years of experience, to guide our future endeavors. The traditions we have inherited from our ancestors, the historical geography we live in which is rich in fauna and flora, the perfected commercial practices of our business, and our continuously improving technology and vision which we stem from innovative projects, together with the wholehearted people of our workforce, allows us to share the benefits we reap from our efforts with our investors in both Turkey beyond.

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